VERDI Concessionaire Scandinavia is the official agent and distributor of Verdi Design Colombia in Scandinavia. For the first time, in spring of 2016, the Verdi Design Rug will be available for purchase in Scandinavia. Renowned around the world for its exclusive design and woven in metals. Due to high demand and small scale production Verdi Design will only accept 50 orders to Scandinavia in 2016. Please contact us with any enquiries concerning the Scandinavian market.

”A masterpiece at your feet”
The magic begins in a distant town in the heart of Colombia. Amongst the emerald Andes and crystalline waterfalls, nature finds its way into your doors, painting your floors in turquoise blues, providence greens, and sunset coppers. With the vision and expertise of our designers, Verdi Design creates a unique piece of art by combining natural elements in an ethnic and original manner. Read more on Verdi Design Colombia´s MAIN PAGE

”Weaving into nature”
The concept of Verdi Design revolves around the development of a textile art made by hand using natural elements. All pieces are hand crafted using natural fibers and dyed using biodegradable tints. The finest threads of pure tin and copper are added to the complex weaving process to achieve the truly unique look and feel of a VERDI rug. A made-to-measure artwork, a masterpiece at your feet. Read more on Verdi Design Colombia´s MAIN PAGE

The Verdi Design Rug – A handcrafted pieces of art
What distinguishes Verdi Design? It is not only the elaboration of the designs, or the complexity of the weaving, but the quality of the distinctive materials used. A rug is only as good as the fiber it is woven from, and with this in mind, Verdi Design handle their fibers with reverence, care and an impeccable technique. An extensive and rigourous process takes place in the creation of a Verdi Design rug due to the natural fibers used. These are extracted from a traditional Colombian plant named Fique. The fique fibers are dyed in a variety of colors, to later be hand spun and woven in a manual loom were they are combined with the finest threads of as copper and tin. This combination of natural fibers and metals makes it possible to create a variety of compositions. A Verdi Design rug is entirely custom made in the desired design, color, size, and color/metal combinations. Learn more on VERDI Design´s main page.

More on the story of Verdi Design in the catalogue or on Verdi Design Colombia´s main page